🌸 Mother's Day Mini-Game: Celebrate Mom with Us! 🌸


Join us in honoring the incredible moms in our lives with our special Mother's Day activities! Share your favorite memories, recent photos, heartfelt moments, and cherished quotes about your mom for a chance to receive amazingly meaningful gifts from WIGI and spread the love this Mother's Day.


How to join this campaign?


Platform to join:



Step 1. Find or create the content as the description below:

1.1 The content is everything related to your mom, including but not limited to old photos, recent selfie, daily moment recordings, quotes, or lessons. 

1.2 The content format is image or video.

Step 2. Post or share it on your own social media channels with the instruction

2.1 Post in public (which means everyone can see your content)

2.2 Include the hashtag in the caption:  #wigi #wigihair #mothersday

2.3 Follow our channels & tag our brand on that post/video.


Details based on Channel:

Requirement TikTok Facebook Instagram
Format Video Post - Reels Post - Reels
Privacy Public Account/Video Public Post/Video Public Account/Post/Video
Tag Brand WIGI Account @wigihair @wigihair
Hashtag #wigi #wigihair #mothersday

🌸 Meaningful Gifts from WIGI: Premium Satin Heatless Hair Curler! 🌸

WIGI prepares up to 100 gift boxes for the earliest participants who join our great campaign.