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virgin human hair tape-in extensions

Virgin human hair tape-in extensions are a popular choice for adding volume and length to your hair. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about hair tape-in extensions, including how to apply them, care for them, and the benefits of using virgin human hair.

I. What are virgin human hair tape-in extensions?

Tape-in extensions made from virgin human hair are made from high-quality, unprocessed human hair that has not been chemically treated or colored. The hair is collected and sorted with care to ensure that the cuticles are aligned and intact, resulting in smooth, shiny, and tangle-free hair. The extensions are then attached to a thin strip of adhesive tape and applied to your natural hair to create a seamless and natural-looking extension. Virgin human hair tape in extensions is a popular choice for adding volume, length, and thickness to your hair, and with proper care, they can last for several months. "Virgin human hair tape in extensions are an excellent option for those with fine or thinning hair. They are lightweight and can add instant fullness to your hair without weighing it down." - Guy Tang, celebrity hair extension specialist.

Virgin human hair tape in extensions is made from high-quality human hair

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II. The differences between virgin and non-virgin human hair

The term "virgin human hair" refers to human hair that has never been dyed, relaxed, permed, or subjected to any other type of chemical processing or treatment in any way. It refers to hair that has not been chemically treated or processed in any way so all of the cuticles are still present and face the same direction. It is generally agreed that non-virgin hair is of worse quality than virgin hair because it has been processed with chemicals in some way while virgin hair has not.

On the other side, the term "non-virgin hair" refers to tresses that have been altered in some way, typically by the use of chemical processes such as dyeing, perming, relaxing, or straightening. Virgin hair has not been altered in any way. You could also hear the term "processed hair" or "chemically-treated hair" used to refer to non-virgin hair. This type of hair might have been subjected to harsh chemicals, which can damage the cuticle of the hair and make it more prone to breakage and split ends.

Virgin hair extension has a tendency to be coarser, more brittle, and more frizzy than non-virgin hair, which has a tendency to be softer, smoother, and shiner than virgin hair. Virgin hair also has a tendency to have a more radiant appearance. Since virgin hair has not been subjected to any chemical treatments, it tends to be more resilient and long-lasting than other types of hair. These procedures might cause the hair to become brittle over time.

Because of its superior quality and limited availability, virgin hair extension typically carries a price tag that is significantly greater than that of non-virgin hair. On the other hand, there are many who find that the look and feel of non-virgin hair better suit their preferences. This is especially true if the color or texture that they like is not available in virgin hair. In the end, the decision between virgin and non-virgin hair comes down to a person's personal preference and the requirements that they have in their particular situation.

The differences between virgin and non-virgin human hair

III. Benefits of using virgin human hair tape-in extensions

The use of tape-in extensions made from virgin human hair comes with a number of advantages, including the following:

  • Natural-looking: Tape-in extensions made of virgin human hair mix in completely with your existing hair to give you an appearance that is both natural and full of volume. Because actual human hair is used in the production of extensions, they have the same appearance, texture, and feel that your natural hair does.
  • Minimal maintenance: compared to other forms of extensions, tape-in extensions require only a little amount of maintenance on a regular basis. They can be washed and groomed in the same manner as your natural hair, but there is no requirement that they be tightened or repositioned on a regular basis.
  • Simple in its execution: The application of tape-in extensions is a straightforward and speedy operation that can be completed in-salon or at the client's residence. There is no need for intricate braiding or stitching processes like there is with some other kinds of hair extensions.
  • Long-lasting: virgin human hair tape-in extensions can last anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks, depending on how well they are taken care of before they need to be adjusted or replaced. Because of this, they are a long-term option that is both cost-efficient and effective for adding volume and length to your hair.
  • Tape-in extensions can be used to produce a wide range of hairstyles, including those that are smooth and straight, as well as those that are curly and voluminous. They can be dressed, colored, and trimmed similarly to your real hair, providing you the freedom to try out a variety of different looks without damaging your own hair.

In general, virgin human hair tape-in extensions are an excellent choice for everyone who wants to improve the length, thickness, or volume of their own natural hair. They are a solution that requires little upkeep, seems natural, and can be styled in a variety of ways, and they can help you create the hairstyle you want without causing damage to your own hair.

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IV. How to apply for virgin human hair tape-in extensions

The use of hair tape-in extensions is an excellent method for enhancing the length and volume of one's hair. The following are the steps involved in applying virgin human hair tape-in extensions:

  • Begin with hair that has been washed and dried. Be sure to give your head a good washing with shampoo and conditioner, paying special attention to any product buildup or oils that might prevent the tape from sticking properly.
  • Divide your hair into sections. At the base of your neck, divide your hair into two sections vertically and horizontally using a comb. The remaining strands of your hair should be pinned up and kept out of the way.
  • Get the extensions ready to be taped in. To begin, take one of the hair tape-in extension wefts and remove the protective backing from it. Check to see that the width of the weft matches that of the section of hair you are currently working with.
  • Put the extension into effect. About a quarter of an inch away from the hair's root, attach the extension weft to the section of hair. Maintain a firm and even pressure when attaching the extension to the hair, making sure to place the hair in between the two adhesive tapes. Continue doing this step until all of the extensions you want to use have been applied.
  • Modify the length and look of the extensions. Make virgin human hair tape-in extensions look like they were always a part of your natural hair by using scissors. Utilize heated styling tools if necessary to achieve the desired look on the hair.


  • After getting tape-in extensions installed, you should wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair.
  • To keep the extensions feeling and looking their best, use shampoos and conditioners that are free of sulfates and are designed for sensitive skin.
  • In order to prevent damage, you should avoid using heat tools directly on the tape adhesive.
  • Make sure to schedule regular maintenance appointments with your hairstylist so that the extensions can be removed, re-taped, and reapplied to your hair.

Virgin human hair tape in extensions is easy to apply and maintain

V. How to properly care for your virgin human hair tape in extensions to ensure longevity

Proper care and maintenance of your virgin human hair tape-in extensions is critical to ensuring their longevity and maintaining their healthy and shiny appearance. Here are some pointers on how to look after your extensions:

  • Brush your extensions on a daily basis with a soft-bristled brush or a wide-toothed comb, beginning at the ends and working your way up to the roots. This will aid in the prevention of tangles and matting.
  • Excessive use of heat tools can damage the hair cuticles and make your extensions dry and brittle. Apply a heat protectant spray before styling and use low to medium heat settings if you must use heat tools.
  • Wash your extensions on a regular basis: Use a sulfate-free, gentle shampoo and conditioner to wash your extensions every 2-3 weeks. Hot water should be avoided because it can loosen the tape adhesive. Instead, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water after gently massaging the shampoo into your scalp and extensions.
  • After washing, gently pat your extensions dry with a towel and allow them to air dry. A blow dryer should be avoided because it can damage the tape adhesive.
  • Swimming with your extensions is not recommended because chlorine and saltwater can damage the hair cuticles and loosen the tape adhesive. Wear a swim cap and rinse your hair with fresh water after swimming if you must swim with your extensions.
  • Protect your extensions while sleeping: Before going to bed, tie your hair up in a loose bun or braid to prevent tangling and matting. To reduce friction, you can also use a silk or satin pillowcase.
  • Maintain your extensions on a regular basis: Have your extensions checked and repositioned by a professional stylist every 8-12 weeks to ensure they are in good condition and to prevent damage to your natural hair.

By following these guidelines, you can help ensure that your virgin human hair tape-in extensions last as long as possible.


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